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Lactation Support


Lactation Educators (also sometimes called Lactation Counselors or Lactation Specialists) provide basic breastfeeding education and support by assisting and encouraging the breastfeeding triad of delivering person, baby, and support person.

Education delivered by lactation educators includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding

  • Initiate breastfeeding 

  • Strategies to overcome common breastfeeding barriers

  • Discuss the impact of various labor and delivery interventions on breastfeeding success

  • Education on maintaining milk supply  (especially during separation due to illness, stay in the NICU, return to work or school, or other brief separations)

  • Provide access to local breastfeeding resources

Lactation Educators do NOT offer medical advice or perform any medical and/or clinical procedures. However, we will offer referrals to any appropriate studies, published books, in addition to professionals that can provide adequate care when concerns are beyond their scope of practice. (i.e., to a lactation consultant, pediatrician, doctor) .

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