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Benefits Of Doula Care

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A Doula is a caregiver and labor companion who provides the birthing parent and their birth partner continuous emotional support, physical comfort, and assistance obtaining information before during and just after birth. 

Some components of birth and/or postpartum Doula Care:​

  • Nurture Educate Assess Refer 

  • Labor/postpartum support​

  • Improves birth outcomes 

  • Reduces fear and anxiety

  • Decreases birth trauma

  • Continuous uninterrupted presence

  • Perspective on issues and options

  • Ability to remain calm and objective

  • Advocacy of birthing persons wishes and goals

  • Continuous uninterrupted presence during the birth 

  • Knowledge of comfort measures

  • Reduces need for medical interventions in labor​

  • Reduces need for pain management 

  • Reduces cesarean birth by at least 28% 

  • Increases breastfeeding proficiency

  • Experience with other laboring women
  • Freedom from other obligations and tasks 
  • Provides education concerning clinical management and hospital/MD policies
  • Knowledge and understanding of normal  physiology during the childbearing year
  • Increases the delivering person's feelings of empowerment and satisfaction

  • Light housekeeping tasks, errand running, meal prep

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